Yet You are Sovereign

You, God, are sovereign still,
always and ever sovereign.
Psalm 102:12

I’ve read and heard some comments lately of the age old thought that: if God is real or if he’s actually all-loving, why do bad things happen to [good] people?

I have no claim to know the entire and complete answer to be able to take the words out of God’s mouth, but I do have understanding.

I understand the nature of God and the nature of man… Because I have relationships with both.

I understand that God created man for relationships… He created man to have relationship with him and with each other. He saw that Adam was lonely, had compassion, and sent him his help-mate.
God not only created Eve to keep Adam from being lonely, but so that God could tangibly, physically teach man how to have a relationship with Him. God wants to walk with us, talk with us-hear us and speak to us. He gave specific direction to (us) Adam and Eve about how to protect themselves.
Enter our adversary: Satan.
Satan, in the form of a serpent, came and gave an enticing offer to Adam and Eve…
They could know good and evil.
They took him up on that offer and changed the entire course of history for mankind. Forever.

You may be wondering what any of that has to do with the original question.

Let’s get back to the first concept– God created man for relationship with each other and with Him.

Have you ever, at any given time, not paid or received a consequence for an action?

Have you ever been revoked the ability, truly, to make a right or a wrong choice?

Obviously not.

The thing is, no one from the beginning of time has ever lived their life without consequence, good or bad, nor have they ever been kept from the ability to make right or wrong choices.

We were created, from the beginning of time, from the very first man and woman on this earth, to choose.

The very first man and woman were also taught what was good and were guided about what to leave alone or avoid, but the choice was never revoked…

As it is today.

It seems today, we have quite the tendency to put the blame on God for allowing evil, but truly, it is man’s choice to do good or do evil.

I realize that I would never have the ability to answer your questions about the ways of God and how the universe was orchestrated, but maybe, just maybe, my writing brings context to your understanding as it does mine.

So, when the world seems to be falling on every side, despite all disbelief in the world, I will still say:

Yet you, God, are sovereign still,
always and ever sovereign.


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